~ Knowledge Shoving (3)…


a ministry for power initiative

01-04-3019 – The Prime Minister of Earth is on a two planet visit this coming Friday. He will be touring the planets Mars & Uranus. He recently acquired a huge piece of land on Uranus, where he plans to build an arts and sciences facility where human bodies will be used to create fuel for space travel.

His children, Ape One & Ape Two will be running this facility. Both his children have been on Uranus for their Masters in space fuelling, after completing their graduation on Mars last year.

Both Ape One and Ape Two are brilliant twenty five year old children of our PM. They are also considered as the brightest humans ever to exist.

The twins were born with special abilities. The elder one is three seconds older to the younger one. The remarkable thing is that while the younger one uttered his first word 4 seconds after he was born, the elder one took 8 seconds to do the same.

This is still far ahead, the average time taken to speak the first word has been 11.39 seconds for the past two decades.

Ape One is a trained observer of space pilots and has overseen several space missions as a Chief Pilot. Ape Two has been instrumental in the ”peel-by-peel” designing of the latest space ship known as the Onion, which uses human bodies for its fuel.

The PM also praised the people of the Earth for their contribution towards the future. “The generosity of the people of the Earth will be remembered for several centuries and generations” he said, and thanked every single person on Earth for contributing a week’s pay for the last twenty five years to make this dream come true.

The PM today addressed the conference attended by eminent scientists from Mars & Uranus about his vision for the future – “HUMANS BODY: Fuel of the Future.”

The transcript of his speech is as below –

“I Welcome you all into the future and I can’t wait to tell you how excited I’am in announcing that we are most closest to our dream taking shape. Soon Ape Two will be stepping out of ONION with a historical step on URANUS; Onion will be using human bodies to fuel its travel.” (and tears rolled out his eye’s but he continued with a brief pause.

“I congratulate the hard work of Ape One & Ape Two on dreaming this 25 years ago; those were the times when the people of earth were divided by Colour, Religion & Borders, there was mass destruction taking place in the name of power, control by one ideology over others. We removed every barrier, we talked everyone out and created a society of equals, only our purpose kept us and all leaders kept us equal amongst equals to serve the mission.

See how the world has since changed for good times; no killings, no bombings and people die their natural death out of working. People enjoy working now more than ever; we have created an army of patriots who no longer die protecting boundaries but instead would love to die for future. This is where it all began, while we controlled hatred we could not think of a better way of putting patriotism at work. I clearly remember; when we squeezed the first batch of prisoners of peace into this giant furnace and the amount of energy it created, astounding. I’m thrilled to announce that it didn’t go waste, every body that has gone into this furnace has made it possible for us to travel into the outer space and extend our horizons. We will start using this enthusiasm to fuel ONION and venture out on our mission to write history.

Since it is also a matter of love and emotions of their loved one’s we have decided to keep this mission alive by only using live bodies, no dead bodies going in; when was the last time you saw any energy in a dead body. It shall be left alone for their family members to give an honourable departure, we share their pain and want them to come out stronger and selflessly devote to our missions of the future.

“Here I’am, with leaders of the future Ape One, Ape Two bringing to you ONION to finally cut the ribbon.” PM Scissor said and the crowd busted into applause from somewhere in the clouds. Finally the National Anthem of the earth was played…

Give what you have to the future as that is there to come,

Here we are today singing and tomorrow we will be numb,

Why do we have to struggle and what for, since life is fable,

Come on join the army of sucked no fun in being comfortable…

Let us run as fast as we can time is short so much to accomplish,

Once we all have to slow down, but before that, create future that’s furbish,

In sleep we work we work day and night lets put one hell of a fight,

Say ONION day-n-night, we are the fuel of future, that’s our only right…

The first batch to fuel the take off of ONION will be fuelled by all the leaders who came together 25 years back and the stage will be fired by Ape One, Ape Two and father of the Earth, Scissor.

This is it for now, stay tuned for the next edition of “Knowledge Shoving”…



~ One Horse Town…

Picture : Leonardo da vinci horse drawing

~ One Horse Town…

-:- -:- -:-    -:- -:- -:-    -:- -:- -:-

~ Can you see that horse?


~ but why can’t I see it?

What? It’s right there. In-fact, you only pointed me towards it. What kind of a joke is it? Ohh, wait, are you blind? But if you were, how would  have you known there is a horse, is it your horse? You tied him up there? Hey, forget that horse, why did you want me to look at it? Only to tell me you can’t see it?

~ Can you see the horse now?

Yes, I said I can, wait where has the horse gone? Hey, is this a joke, hey where are you, hello…hello…somebody there?

Was there a horse? Who was this man? Where have they both gone? Huh…from now on, I will never stop to talk to a stranger.


~ Hello Gray…how are you doing this morning? What Can I get you?

Morning Roan…can I get scrambled eggs and toast please…

~ Sure, something to drink?

Yeah, orange juice.

~ Okay, be with you shortly.

Yeah, thanks.


~ Hey Gray, how are you? Is the horse parked outside, yours? Must be, theres no-one in here this early… from where did you get it?

What horse Buckskin…when did you see me riding a horses man, come here let me smell if you are you drunk…

~ Woah, stay away from my mouth, I smell good, Gray!. It’s the Horse what I’m talking about, the one that is parked outside, look through the glass, there he is or she is or whatever it is…is it not yours?

It’s not mine and i don’t even want to look at it…

(I sneaked and I could see some shadow as if it was a horse…I ran outside to see but it again vanished…)

There is no horse parked outside, what was it, a game you wanted to play with me…

~ There was but now it’s gone may be, it wasn’t anyways yours so the owner must have taken him along.


~ Your scrambled eggs, toast and arrange juice, Gray. Enjoy !

Thanks Roan…

All this morning the stupid horse has been hounding me and he is not even there, why can’t I see what everyone else can? Is there really a horse, is he following me or its just everyone is trying to fool me…


~ Morning Gray!

Morning Brindle, any calls or messages for me?

~ Yes, Mr. White is waiting for you in his chamber and your dad called saying that you have a horse parked in your driveway. You have a horse Mr. Gray?

I’ll go and check with Mr. White in 5 minutes, let him know that and can you get my Dad on the phone for me, and I don’t have a horse Brindle.

~ Sure Gray! And your Dad is on line 2.


Hey Dad, you called about some horse, what horse? who’s horse is in our driveway? How did he get in there?

~ I don’t know, that’s what I’m supposed to be asking you. So you are saying you don’t know anything about it, okay, let me call the cops and get done with it.

Okay, hey wait…hang on…hey Dad…let me call you shortly and will tell you what to do. Okay?

~ Okay, as you say, bye.


Not again, I will go see Mr. White and go home…


Morning Mr. White you wanted to see me.

~ Morning Gray Yes I did, can you get me a story on Friday for our Sunday supplement? I know its not really your job but I’m kinda stuck, Skewbald was supposed to write this piece but last I heard from him was almost 4 days back and he says that he is suffering from a block, writers block, I can’t pull him out of it but I’m sure you can pull. something up on your sleeve! Can you?

Sure, I can give it a shot.

~ Great, I knew you are a dark horse, Gray. 

What? Really? 

~ What really Gray! all okay?

Yes Yes, nothing I will do it. I’ll give it to you by Friday afternoon. Ummm…can I ask you for a day off today, I can work from home. I’ve just learnt there is a horse parked in my driveway and I’ve got to see whats it all about…

~ Sure, thing.

Thanks, see you tomorrow…

As if I’ve had not enough of horses since morning only to learn that I’m a dark horse, wow…

And to top all of that, I need to write…what should I write about…Blindspot…Yes, Blindspot…that is going to be the title…


Hey Dad…where is the horse? I didn’t see anything in the driveway…

~ What horse?

The horse in our driveway, didn’t you call  my office to tell me that dad? 

~ I did call your office but you never returned my call and what horse are you talking about?

Then what did you call me for?

~ I wanted to ask you if you had seen my Classic Champagne. I somehow don’t remember where I have kept it?

Classic Champagne, what is that dad? Last I remember you stopped drinking since mom left us…

~ Yes, but I had kept one to drink with you someday, I had thought tonight we would drink, just felt like.

Anything special today? 

~ Not really, but if your mom would have been alive she would have wished me on my 90th birthday. 

~ Remember, she always said “you old piece of junk, no one would remember you, if you exist old enough” and laughed…

~ Crescent…


And they started to walk together…

they walked in a straight line which had highs and lows,

as if the road was trying to match their heartbeat,

an up and a down, an up and a down…


In between they held their hands,

the cold breeze numbed his hands,

almost frozen and they needed to be warmed,

brush of their palms was just enough to give him a slight current,

and their hearts spoke to each other, enhancing the  warmth…


The sun wasn’t that bright,

but this pancake layer of moon was visible,

the shape wasn’t perfect round,

as if…

they both had taken a bite and made it a waxing crescent.

White pancake perfectly placed on this big blue plate,

it was their first day-moon moment together…