~ December-Twenty-Five…

~ December-Twenty-Five…

He swayed left from right and jumped up and down,

He had a mask put on and wore a colourful gown,

He made everyone laugh; it would be always a piece of fun,

He was a short height miniature smaller then than a gun,

He acted like a fool as he had to make his living,

He kept all his pain and smiles, he was always giving,

Sometimes on a horse or on a sleigh he would stand,

Sit he would sit, laugh he would laugh, he followed all the commands,

He was almost fifty two and his birthday was on twenty-fifth-december,

And he had his pretty corner to cry as no one cared to remember,

He was born on a Monday and the day was christmas,

Well, he was a loner all his life and never made no fuss,

His mother left him when he was born, new and alive at Six-Forty Five,

The circus opens in the morning at ten, someone just screamed where the hell is Uncle Ben,

Its morning, the time is six-forty-five; alone in his tent he breathed his final sigh,

And, the banner outside his tent just read; welcome its December-twenty-five…

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